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Since companies in each sector of activity must deal with their own unique issues and challenges, strategies to stimulate growth and generate higher profits must be developed before they can be implemented.

At Gordian Management, the expertise we have developed over many projects allows us to offer personalized support to companies, whether they want to turn strategy into action, train their leaders, or manage complex projects.

Through workshops, training, individual coaching and even targeted initiatives, our team can help you achieve your objectives, no matter what they are.

We offer personalized support
to companies in various sectors



The complexity of aeronautical products and systems, combined with new environmental and regulatory constraints, is forcing companies in the aeronautics sector to rethink their project management. They must constantly adapt and ensure that their employees receive effective training, allowing them to actively participate in the shift that results from change.

  • Airline companies
  • Maintenance teams
  • Manufacturers
  • Airports

Road transport and logistics

Project management in the road transport sector has several key features. Highly exposed to time constraints, storage space limitations and unexpected delays, transport companies have to be resourceful to fulfill their commitments. Optimizing routes and training drivers are therefore among the elements that can contribute to their growth.

  • Transport companies
  • Warehousing companies
  • Service and maintenance
  • Manufacturers
  • Energy


In the pharmaceutical sector, many stakeholders work together on a daily basis: industries, pharmacies, healthcare institutions and government agencies. The complexity of this network requires managers to take innovative measures to achieve their objectives, particularly in terms of quality control and research and development.

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Laboratories
  • Insurance companies

Large-scale distribution

Competition in the retail sector is extremely fierce. However, companies can learn to focus their efforts on the most profitable products while standardizing the most efficient processes and jobs throughout the company. This requires competent leaders who can generate buy-in and provide relevant information to both representatives and customers.

  • Luxury goods distributors
  • Consumer products
  • Health and Beauty

Government and public institutions

Governments and public institutions often have an extremely rigid hierarchy, which can contribute to employees feeling less involved and concerned about achieving objectives. However, this sector is in dire need of input from every stakeholder in order to avoid budget and schedule overruns.

  • Governments
  • Educational institutions
  • Defense Industry

Non-governmental organizations

Operating locally and internationally, NGOs can take many forms. Regardless of their architecture, the fact remains that they must succeed in rallying their employees around a common cause. This can be achieved by using effective communication tools and properly training their leaders.

  • NGOs
  • Foundations
  • Education community

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