Gordian Management
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At Gordian Management, we offer managers, administrators and leaders concrete methods to implement a work environment that fosters performance and engagement.

We provide you with expert support and specialized training throughout your project implementation, from start to finish. Depending on your specific needs, we can offer you:


Why choose our consulting services or training?

When choosing to do business with us, you will receive objective and practical advice on various aspects of management, which will enable you to overcome management challenges within your company.

Our consulting services are primarily focused on three specific areas:

  • Project management
  • Organizational development
  • Leadership and management

In short, we will provide you with tools that will help you:

Manage your business
Increase your revenues
Optimize your operations

Our mission:
fostering commitment and unity

Gordian Management enables organizations to move from a restrictive view of human resources, defined as human capital at the turn of the past century, to a holistic view of the individual at the heart of their means of action. This new, more systemic vision transforms working relationships. When recognized for their contribution, valued in their needs and considered as stakeholders, people find well-being and personal fulfillment in their work.

Create an ideal work environment for collective success

In this environment of trust, success becomes collective and each individual is a driver of change because they understand how their work fits into this success. Achievement and self-improvement are performance drivers that lead to the success of the entire company and not unrecognized productivity.

The organizational model needs more flexibility to foster the commitment and unity of all stakeholders. Managers, administrators and leaders must adapt their actions to establish an environment of openness and recognition. In doing so, they create a permanent space for dialogue that gives meaning to everyone’s work while becoming the lever for collective commitment to this vision.

Gordian Management: A highly-skilled team dedicated to the success of your company and your projects

Over the years, our founder, Michèle Longpré, has built strong relationships with collaborators and a network of seasoned business partners. Each and every one of them can grow your organization by putting their unique skills at your service.
Their collaborative spirit has enabled them to successfully help numerous companies carry out various projects around the globe.
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Make the move towards improved management with our consulting services and training

No matter your industry, you can count on Gordian Management to breathe new life into your business. Our tailored solutions for a diverse range of public and private companies will strongly support the development and implementation of your next business project.

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